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Jokkmokk Winter Market


Are you looking for accommodation in Jokkmokk during Jokkmokk Winter Market? Boende Jokkmokks Marknad makes it possible to rent a room, a house, an apartment, or any other type of accommodation in Jokkmokk directly online.

Jokkmokk Winter Market with its Sami culture, art and handicraft is a memorable and exciting experience in itself. But there’s a lot more to discover and experience in Jokkmokk. Dog sled tours, ice fishing and hunting, ski tours, horse riding, snow mobile safari are just a few of the winter activities to enjoy during market days in Jokkmokk.

Being in Jokkmokk during winter also gives the best chances of seeing the aurora borealis dance across the sky. Dressed up in warm winter clothing, sometimes in a freezing -40 ℃, northern lights hunting presents a thrilling once-in-a-life time experience deep in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland.

Boende Jokkmokks Marknad



Long after the joyful days of Jokkmokk Winter Market are gone and life in Jokkmokk has taken its usual course, excitement is raising again. It’s time for the longest and toughest cross country ski contest in the world – the Nordenskiöldsloppet.

History goes back to 1884 when Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld organized a ski competition ¨between Jokkmokk and Kvikkjokk¨. There were 18 participants and the winner was the local Sami Pava Lars Nilsson Tuorda.

In modern times the race takes place in March/April each year and starts at Purkijaur just outside Jokkmokk. In the span of 220 km through the wilderness of Swedish Lapland the track runs through Randijaur, Granudden, and Njavve, among others, before it reaches the turning point at Kvikkjokk.

Private accommodation in Jokkmokk during the Nordenskiöldsloppet is easily available at Boende Jokkmokks Marknad. Just choose your dates of arrival and departure and click on the Search button.

Jokkmokk Through Our Eyes

The main purpose of this website is to offer a simple and effective way to book a room, a house or an apartment in Jokkmokk during the Jokkmokk Winter Market as well as during the Nordenskiöldsloppet. But it also shares….

  • how to get to the Polar circle in Swedish Lapland
  • ”must do” winter activities in Jokkmokk
  • yummiest Jokkmokk restaurants
  • the totally unique Ájtte museum
  • Sámi Duodji – locally handcrafted souvenirs
  • your own travel stories

Welcome back and visit often. We hope you enjoy Jokkmokk!

What Our Customers Say


Hej Peyo,

Thank you very much for having organised accommodation for us … when we visited Jokkmokk for the Winter Market.

We had a really great time at Jokkmokk Winter Market, joining the candlelit procession from the Historic Market Place where we were asked to carry one of the candles, so Barr ended up on the Snow Stage with all the other candle holders for the official opening of the Market. What a wonderful museum the Attje is. We did lots of things in Jokkmokk, including the reindeer racing, and the Sami Adult Education Centre etc etc. The highlight for us was the dog sleigh ride on the last evening. A memorable few days.

Thank you for making it possible by finding accommodation for us.

Brian and Barr

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Jokkmokk Winter Market and Swedish Lapland


Come visit and discover Jokkmokk Winter Market! A local tradition since 1605.