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Do You Have An Interesting Jokkmokk Travel Story? Do Tell!


Boende Jokkmokks Marknad is all about finding a suitable and cosy accommodation in Jokkmokk during the chilli market days. Experiencing Jokkmokk and being part of the Jokkmokk Winter Market has always been unforgettable for us, with long-lasting beautiful memories.


But now, we would like to turn the tables on you.


Ladies from SkГҐne visit Jokkmokk Winter Market


We would love to hear about your best experiences, your most interesting information on Jokkmokk Winter Market, your top Jokkmokk travel tips... anything about Jokkmokk that you'd love to share.


If you've been to Jokkmokk Winter Market and adore it as much as we do, please share your Jokkmokk travel stories with us!


A man from Spain at the Jokkmokk Market


Or if you have a general story about your travels to Jokkmokk that does not relate to the winter market use this page to share it with others who love Jokkmokk as much as you do. We will convert it into a Web page and post it to the website in order for others to enjoy.



"Travel to Jokkmokk" Winter Market Contests

From time to time we hold Travel to Jokkmokk Winter Market contests with our favorite Jokkmokk establishments! Share your stories, poems or journals for a chance to win Jokkmokk prizes ranging from a dinner for 2 to a free stay in Jokkmokk.



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