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Unforgettable Jokkmokk Photos

Set in the middle of the boreal forest in Swedish Lapland, with sparkling crystal-clear white snow in winters and sun-lit polar nights in summers, Jokkmokk is a legacy of the past. An opportunity for spectacular Jokkmokk photos, pictures that allow fleeting moments to last forever, is on every little street, around every corner.


Photo of Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland


How wonderful it is to have those sweet moments captured forever in Jokkmokk pictures. Moments so exciting that one would return to Jokkmokk again and again just to live in that moment one more time.


Picture of Main Square in Jokkmokk


One of our favorite Jokkmokk pictures was experienced from Kvarnbäcksleden. Shivering in the bitter cold, we would watch the sun radiate its last few rays over the frozen trees, before disappearing slowly behind the mountain.


Last sun rays over frozen Jokkmokk


Jokkmokk photos and memories are never ending. Another favorite of ours...


Boreal forest in winter, Jokkmokk, Sweden



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