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How to Enjoy the Exquisite Jokkmokk Food

Your Jokkmokk food bill can actually add up to a significantly big part of your vacation spending. There are several luxurious restaurants in Jokkmokk and some great little cheap restaurants too.


But your best option to buy relatively cheap food in Jokkmokk are...


Grocery Stores

The best option of all, is to load up on groceries and cook your own meals. There are a couple of big supermarkets in Jokkmokk that carry a large assortiment of goods. Obviously, you will need a storage place like a fridge or freezer in your apartment but most accommodation options provide one, so no worry.


Cheap food in Jokkmokk


ICA supermarket is located right in the centre of Jokkmokk, on Main Street (Storgatan). It offers a wide selection of groceries - dairy, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, and household items, too.  It hosts the Jokkmokk post office in there, so if you want to send a friend a postcard from Jokkmokk Winter Market, that’s the right place to do this.


COOP Konsum lies right opposite ICA and is the other big supermarket chain available in Jokkmokk. It sells from groceries to houshold items to clothes. Both supermarkets dispose of huge parking lots, so finding a place to leave your car is the slightest of your problems.



Food Markets

During the days of the Jokkmokk Winter Market, scattered all around the market place, there are a number of stalls that sell food and food items. There you find traditional local Jokkmokk food like reindeer meat, cheese, berry jams etc.




Right in front of COOP Konsum Supermarket, just across the street, there’s a cosy little café called City Konditori. Conveniently located on Main Street, it serves freshly baked bread, croissant, sandwiches, and pastries, all locally produced.




You don’t feel for a fine dining in Jokkmokk and want to eat something fast. Why not try then a freshly baked pizza at Lilla Paradiset? Here’s a little secret. They have a delicious one served with rendeer meat and lingonberries jam.

Pizza can also be ordered at Kowloon Restaurant located right across Sparbanken Nord.



Buffet Restaurants in Jokkmokk

There are several places in Jokkmokk where you can have a tasty meal for a fair price. They use to offer lunch menu which includes a choice of salads, soups, main dish and a dessert.



Gourmet Jokkmokk Food

Here comes a list of Jokkmokk gourmet restaurants…


Ájtte Restaurant

Viddernas Café & Deli

Restaurant Talvatis at Jokkmokk Hotel

Café Gasskas



Mid-priced Restaurants in Jokkmokk

Opera Restaurant

Nottuden Restaurant

Hotell Akerlund Restaurant



Cheap Jokkmokk Restaurants

Buffe Trädet

Kowloon Restaurant

Thai Galamair Restaurant

Smedjan Restaurant



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