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Accommodation in Jokkmokk during Jokkmokk Winter Market


Are you looking for accommodation in Jokkmokk during the Winter Market? Boende Jokkmokks Marknad makes it possible now to rent a room, a house or an apartment in Jokkmokk directly online.


It’s easy! Just choose an area in the search engine on your left hand side, select arrival and departure dates, and hit the search button.


Visiting Jokkmokk during the Winter Market can be really exciting. Here is just one example...


Jokkmokk Winter Market



Of course, there is a lot more to discover and experience in Jokkmokk. Dog sled tours, ice fishing and hunting, ski tours, horse riding, snow mobile safari are just a few of the winter activities to enjoy during Winter Market days in Jokkmokk.



Fur hats at Jokkmokk winter market





Jokkmokk Winter Market

Hides and dryed fish were already sold in Lappland in the 1600’s by the autochthonous Sami people. In the early 1700’s permanent market places and churches were established in the area by the Swedish king, in order to collect taxes and expand control over the Sami.


Handcrafted hunting knives sold at Jokkmokk winter market




According to records, the Sami began to trade their goods in Jokkmokk from Chistmass till early Februari in the beginning of the 17th centuri. Nowadays the length of the Jokkmokk Winter Market is significantly reduced but still, it is as important and sought after event as it had been in the past.



Jokkmokk Isn't Only Snow and Cold

Think -40 in winters, and snow cover from October till April, and you would never imagine that Jokkmokk is nevertheless a lovely place in summer with abundant outdoor activities.


Jokkmokk in summers



And autumn can be as picturesque as this….


Autumn colors in Jokkmokk




Jokkmokk Through Our Eyes

The main purpose of this website is to offer a simple and effective way to book a room, a house or an apartment in Jokkmokk during the Jokkmokk Winter Market. But it also shares....


  • how to get to the Polar circle in Swedish Lapland
  • ”must do” winter activities in Jokkmokk
  • yummiest Jokkmokk restaurants
  • the totally unique Ájtte museum
  • Sámi Duodji
  • where to buy local handcrafted souvenirs
  • hiking, boat touring and other summer activities
  • professional photographies
  • your own travel stories


Welcome back and visit often. We hope you enjoy Jokkmokk!